Local SEO Guide

If you have a business that serves a local area, then knowing how to improve your local SEO could be vital to your business and it’s potential growth and sustainability. You need to get a competitive edge over the other companies in your area and utilizing a local SEO guide could help you get the results you desire.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimization for search engines focused on a geographical location.

In other words, local positioning is to appear in the top positions of Google for specific places. It is useful for any keyword that you can think of that can be searched in Google in the following way: keyword + locality to choose.

Local SEO Guide and Strategy

For example: pet store new york

Even on many occasions, especially from smartphones, just putting the keyword is enough because Google detects your location without having to write it.

This is where searches such as “pet store near me” come into the equation.

Why is it so Important to Improve Local SEO?

If you have a company or business (either traditional or online) focused on a specific city or location you will want to attract customers located in that locality, yes?

Well, that’s why it’s so important. It’s to stand out from others in searches what they do from the location of your business. Your location is the reason why people do business with you. So it makes sense to want to drive more people to your location.

Let’s give an example:

John has just acquired a restaurant. It is the first time he gets into this world and does not have much idea about suppliers, so he decides to look for distributors to have everything necessary in his restaurant.

What do you think it will do?

Ask the neighbors if they know a good wholesaler of vegetables and other products in the area.

Take a smartphone or the computer and look for “vegetable wholesalers in (city where you live)”

Unless John knows that his neighbors are experts in the world of hospitality; absolutely everyone would use the second option.

Did you know that the first thing that shows up in the Google search results is a box with the Google Maps and websites of that locality?

These results are shown above the organic results of Google. So you have to be clear about the importance of knowing how to do local positioning on Google.

How to Do Local SEO

Doing SEO is quite a science and the local version is no different. But how to do geolocated positioning? Let’s explain some simple keys to start position in Google with these local SEO tips.

1. Always Remember On Page SEO

What you want to position for your locality does not mean that you should neglect on page SEO. You will simply have to “seoptimize” your website for this.

The advantage of not neglecting on page SEO is that if you can position the keyword you will appear twice on the first page of Google:

The result in the map of thumbtacks for the search.

The organic result for the search.

Enter all the contact information on your website: timetables, addresses, phone numbers, product availability, location map, everything necessary for Google to fully identify your business and relate you to the searches of those users who are interested in your products or services. It is advisable to include this information in all the pages of your website.

2. Include Your Location in the Keywords

With the business you have, do not forget to include your location in some points and texts of your website. Continuing with the previous example, if you are a supplier of vegetables for reasons of displacement, you will prefer to be well-positioned in your city instead of a well-positioned medium in your whole country, right?

Well, the same happens with many businesses: dentists, lawyers, physical stores, gyms, canine trainers, etc. The visits that will become clients will be from your city and therefore, you must include your city next to the keywords.

If we wanted to start doing local SEO for the keyword vegetable wholesalers and its variants, the correct thing would be to use on our website wholesalers of vegetables in City (or the location where you want to position) and its variants + the keyword City or in City.

Example: Vegetable Wholesalers New York

3. Register Google My Business

Google My Business is the Google platform dedicated to local businesses.

If you have a company with a physical establishment it is essential to have it in Google My Business for your local SEO strategy. For this process, it is also necessary to have an account created on Google+.

It is not essential to have a physical establishment to use Google My Business, but if you have it, it is even more vital that you use it. Not only will you appear when you search for your business or the keywords + city that you have optimized, but you will also appear on Google Maps.

The process is very simple, you just have to fill out a form, upload the images of your establishment (that are attractive and of quality) and:

Check that your business is correctly located on the map.

Choose the most appropriate categories and appropriate to the function and theme of your business.

Verify that your business data, schedules and payment methods are well placed.

Be sure to indicate all the essential information about your business.

The more information you give and the better it is, the easier it will be for a potential client to end up being a real one. It is also recommended to place the main keyword in the title of the company profile.

Take advantage of the “description” to naturally count the activity of your business. Avoid spamming and place keywords in a measured way that fits semantically. Do not overoptimize.

This tool will help your local SEO strategy by linking your business with the environment in which it is located. Since, it allows you to locate the exact place where it is located, you can add photos of your company that help to geolocate it, you can show your clients’ evaluations and you will be more competitive when showing local results, since Those companies that are not close will disappear from the first search results.

Keep in mind that it is very very important that you write your exact address, as it appears on your website since Google will analyze your data and will not relate that they are the same company if they change into a single letter.

4. Get People to Leave Reviews

Another advantage of signing up and optimizing Google My Business is that customers will be able to make reviews that will be visible in the local search results. This way you will get a direct interaction with the client and potential new customers will see the quality of your business. These reviews have been proven to impact the order of what gets shown on the search engine results pages, so give your customers a good experience!

Local SEO Guide and Strategy - Google

The businesses that are in the first results of the local search are usually the ones that have the most reviews and evaluations. So if you have competition in your area, do not hesitate to focus on getting reviews. If you do your job well ask your clients to leave a review is a good way to get good opinions that will help new customers. Reviews are also crucial to a local SEO strategy and should be treated with the same importance as Google My Business mentioned before.

5. Always Use The Same NAP

Coming from the previous point, it is fundamental that the NAP (name, address and phone) be the same in all places where you put it, and with it is that it must be traced.

Tip: Use the copy and paste so that you do not pass a capital letter or any character.

That is to say, you will have to put the name of your business, the physical address and the phone identically (both in content and format) in all places where your business appears on the network (your website, Google My Business, business directories, etc.).

6. Geolocate Your Images

This is a little trick that not many people use and will help you stand out in your location above the rest.
Do not neglect optimizing your images for SEO.

Fortunately, this process is quite simple thanks to GeoImgr.com, a website where you upload an image and it is responsible for entering a small code to mark the precise coordinates of your business.

The process is very simple:

You upload an image

Select the location on the Google map (use the same as your business and the one you put in Google My Business).

Add a Tag

You download the image.

And it’s that easy.

You will have the geolocated image in your code so that Google understands better the location of your business. This you should do with all the images on your website. Of course, also do it with the images you upload to Google My Business.

7. Use an Embedded Google Map

Add a Google map embedded in your website that includes your company’s thumbtack is very important both for your customers and for Google to know that this web address has a physical place. Make sure you put the same coordinates than the ones you’ve already put in the rest of the places.

A good place to place this map is usually the “Contact” page, the “About” page or the “Where we are” page.

8. Register in Local Directories

Google has the ability to also detect your NAP in the directories in which you have signed up. So it’s very important for the local SEO positioning that you register in them and in all you have exactly the same NAP (name-address-phone). As you see, the work of position a website with local SEO It is quite laborious but thanks to this article you already have the keys to know how to appear on Google for local searches.

9. Utilize Social Media

Position yourself correctly on the maps of the different social media networks that you have associated with your company and interacts with your clients so that they provide positive reviews about your company, the service or product acquired. Obtaining positive evaluations will help your business’s web positioning since you will offer greater confidence to future customers who are looking for your product. In addition, if you are part of a local association, it would be advisable that you were linked to their website from your homepage or that you were included in a quality directory.

Keep in mind that what is intended with all this is to provide a service or product that the user seeks to get more conversions in your company, it will not help for your local SEO strategy to provide incorrect location information to appear in more results of search since the client will not request your services and you will end up downloading for providing incorrect information about your business. And if you have not yet applied this opportunity offered by local SEO, we encourage you to look into hiring someone to do local SEO services to try and boost your online presence.