SEO For Mobile

The number of smartphone users has grown by leaps and bounds every year and in this same measure, the importance of SEO for mobile has increased. So it is clear that its relevance is that if you want to be where your users or potential customers are, you have to position yourself to appear in the results of your searches through mobile devices. In fact, Google has even rolled out Mobile First Indexing, which is a true sign of the times.

Here are some key facts from various sources:

Smartphones have a population penetration of 73%

Billions of users access the Internet from their Smartphone every day

31% of mobile owners buy through mobile

71% do not leave home without their device

This data shows us the need for web pages to be developed in a correct and responsive version, 100% optimized.

How to do SEO for Mobile?

Very easy, keep up with the changes that affect the mobile SEO that search engines publish, mainly Google. Have you heard about Accelerated Mobile Pages&? Following these good practices and you can achieve the good results you are looking for.

SEO for Mobile - Why You Should Do It

To help you in this complex task, we have gathered some aspects that you can take into account if you want to position your mobile website.

40% of users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, a Responsive Web Design must be well worked at the code level, this is the key to not losing seconds in the redirection to a content in another mobile URL.

If you want to measure the loading speed and get improvement recommendations for your website you have some online tools like Page Speed Insights, which will allow you to know the loading speed and performance of our website for mobile devices and also the computer.

You must work the content of your page thinking about the responsive design, so that content, images or videos are perfectly adapted to the size of the different devices.

Orient the Page and Content Locally

According to Google, 89% of smartphones search for local information. Therefore, Local SEO has a great value if you want your business to appear naturally next to the organic results in Google. For this do not forget to complement your website with Google My Business.

You must send a sitemap for the mobile version that lists all the pages of your website that should be interpreted as mobile content in the search engine index. The sitemap will help your website to be indexed correctly.

It is important that the contents are completely readable on any device. One solution is to work the size of the font in which are sizes relative to the device, not the pixel.

If you work according to the Google pixel recommends that the font size of letters be 16px.

Avoid that the links are very close together

Search engines like Google have to be able to see all the resources of your website to fully understand it. Currently, search engines want to understand, in addition to content, how is the design of your website to know if you provide a good experience to the user.

If the sites robots.txt file does not allow the tracking of these elements, it can negatively affect the positioning in the search results.

It can be very frustrating for the user not to be able to play the content that they want to see. The fact that some videos do not play may occur because some types of video or content are restricted by license or because they need Flash or other players that are not compatible with mobile devices. We recommend including videos or animations using HTML5 tags that work in all browsers.

The frequency with which Google has been publishing changes in recent years gives us a hint of the relevance that this issue is acquiring. We must think that Google has always sought to evolve at the same time as the needs of users to be able to satisfy them. If we follow their steps we will give our users a good browsing experience, and that mobile SEO is summarized in this. If Google perceives that our website manages to satisfy the needs of who is browsing the web, we will gain both positioning and a happy user.