SEO Trends, Techniques, and Changes

The fact that SEO trends and techniques change is nothing new. That, in addition, does not stop changing at all levels, either. A lot of what worked 5 years ago is obsolete and shunned upon in today’s times. Some people would even say that some of the SEO trends of 2017 are not even considered to be worth it in today’s ever-changing landscape of SEO.

Because this is digital marketing in general: a sector that does not stop changing to adapt to the rapid changes brought on by new technologies. And the web positioning is one of the most changing parts since it depends on the industry giants such as Google that spend the day innovating everything they touch.

If you have a web page, it is very important that it appears among the first results of the search engines. Because, being clear, if not, it’s as if it did not exist. And we do not want that, right? This is why it is essential to keep up to date with the latest trends, developments, advances, etc., from the world of organic positioning and search engine optimization.

As there is very little left for the year to end, I think the time has come to analyze what the SEO trends of 2018 and beyond has in store for us. Our predictions may or may not be fulfilled. Seeing how quickly everything is the same we find ourselves in 2018 struggling to position our website in the search results of augmented reality devices.

Search Engines are Changing

Do you remember when Google showed only 6 results, and all of them with the same format, and nothing else? Well, in the last year the search engines have greatly evolved their designs and the formats in which the results are displayed.

SEO Trends, Techniques, and Changes

Faced with a question as apparently simple as “How to cook rice”, look at the number of different formats in which the answers appear.

We are shown a featured box with summarized steps, pictures, YouTube videos, questions other people also ask, and related searches down the bottom. Nothing to do with the sad results of before, right?

Loading Time and Page Speed

Speed has become a determining factor of web positioning. We know it’s not something new. What’s more, it’s something that we have been insisting for a long time now.

Think that, as fast as everything evolves, the loading speed of the pages will go less and less. Not having the page adapted to it is going to be a very important delay compared to our competitors.

Right now Google loves websites that properly load within 3 seconds. But we can affirm, without fear of being wrong, that it will go less eventually. If you do not know how long it takes your page to load, you can measure it with this tool.

At the beginning of this year we were feeling that the voice search was going to start to gain importance.

But, how does it affect my SEO that users now search by voice instead of typing, as they did before? Simple, human beings do not speak as we write. But it is that, in addition, the written searches were specially summarized. With the voice search, the user tends to use complete sentences, much more similar to what they say in their day to day.

What SEO trends to look for in 2018?

It is the task of doing SEO to try to adapt to this new way of searching, with more keywords being long tail than before and the constant change and evolution of search.

Today, the Internet is able to trace practically everything that users do in their day to day network. The analysis of all this data has allowed large companies not only to better understand our online behavior but to apply artificial intelligence techniques and automated machine learning to improve their algorithms as naturally as possible.

The search engines are now able to anticipate our needs much better, to understand what we are looking for in a much more personalized way. This results in more specific search results for each person. And what does this mean for SEO 2018 and beyond? That we will have to carry out more segmented strategies having much more in mind to our target audience. If not, we will never reach them.

The variety of devices with which we navigate

2017 was the year of the Smart: Smart Watches, Smart Glasses, Smart TV, Smart Everything. And also the evolution of the devices we use to navigate. The tablets have already become perfect substitutes for laptops; the mobiles are reaching power levels that computers couldn’t achieve a few years ago. This is why it’s so important to make sure your website naturally adapts to the screen resolution of the users device.

Who, to this day, does not take these devices into account in their online strategy, will not be able to do much. However, 2018 will bring us many new developments in terms of devices and that these advances will greatly influence how we do and understand SEO. Because, as we said at the beginning, who tells us that there will be no SEO in an augmented version?

Link building will no longer require links

Wait, what? How is there going to be a link? Well, through the mentions. That is, search engines can begin to take into account mentions that do NOT have a link as a factor for the positioning of a brand.

Imagine that a reputable and prestigious company mentions the name of your company on its website. No need to put the link, the search engines can easily associate that word with your brand name and, by extension, your domain. Sounds like science fiction, right?

In the world of SEO, fiction can become fact, and fast too. Concepts such as voice search, machine learning, AI, and brand mentions can become normal and don’t be surprised if they do. Google is always trying to better their algorithm to make it as human and personal as possible to benefit the end user; You.