Social Media and SEO

You may not think that these two affect each other, but Google and Social Media have a closer relationship than you may think. That’s why we are going to address the importance of Social Media in SEO and how these backlinks and tips could help you.

Social Media SEO Tips

Optimize Your Mobile Page

Last year, these type of devices generated a greater number of searches than those that were made through laptops or desktops. This method of searching is only growing too.

Social Media and SEO - How Social Media Affects SEO

Almost everyone uses a tablet or smartphone to find information online, so it is not necessary to point out the importance of having to meet the mobile needs of your potential viewer (and thus get the long-awaited conversion). Try using the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator to see how your website looks on different screen sizes.

If your website is not optimized for mobile, you run the risk of losing strength to your competitors. And remember: make sure you use an adaptable web design to provide the best user experience for your visitors, regardless of the device they use.

Create an App and Optimize it

Numerous studies show the importance of mobile applications in the world of marketing. Many times, if a company has an app for mobile devices, we will use it before going to the website because it’s far easier and convenient.

Functionality and comfort prevail; Therefore, if you can, create an application for your business and improve your visibility. And then, analyze your app; it is essential that you use analysis tools within the application to measure conversions, clicks, and the opening rate.

By making improvements in the functionality of the application, the conversion rates are triggered, so it is essential to make improvements in your application and be able to experience an increase in the return on investment (ROI).

Social Networks Gain More Prominence

Post entries that use videos, images or news must be well classified and optimized so that they appear on the search results pages, but we must not forget the entries on social networks.

In fact, many companies use social networks to gain greater visibility in the searches performed by users. When someone enters the name of your company in a search engine, not only your website should appear, but also your profiles on social networks. These Social Media backlinks may not have a great impact on rankings, but they can certainly drive a mountain of traffic which is the ultimate goal when performing search engine optimization.

Short Messages vs Long Messages

Short messages are often published on social networks, since brands prefer to publish a concise description or a summary of their products or services, and include a destination link outside the platform in question. But these platforms, increasingly, are encouraging users to publish the messages completely in them. In short, it is a significant change in content marketing that makes it easier for readers to find the information they need on Social Networks.

Some social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest allow advertisers to sell directly within their platforms.

Whether we agree or disagree, this is a great opportunity to increase your conversions and reach your target audience. To purchase without having to leave the application becomes a great experience for the user. More and more we will see more buttons that induce the purchase without leaving the platform or page where we are.

Local SEO is Important

Google increasingly gives importance to SEO related to your locality. In fact, significant changes have already been experienced in the way in which this search engine presents the results of local searches. Different search elements are used to provide immediate information in relation to local businesses, so it is imperative that your company appears on Google to improve search visibility.

From here we recommend Google My Business, a great place to start since it allows you to control multiple accounts from a central location.

When talking about On Page SEO; we think about content optimization, internal links and improving the structure of our site.

But now, there are more factors to take into account to ensure that your on-page SEO is working. These factors include clickthrough rates, engagement, social media posts, page speed, and relevant content.

By measuring these factors, you can see which areas need improvement. These aspects are also used by search engines to classify web pages, so it is easy to guess why it is useful to look beyond conventional SEO strategies and ensure that these factors are included in the next optimization campaign.

Good Links Will Always be Effective

Many say that the construction of a text with links should be avoided altogether. However, links are undoubtedly the most important classification factor and will continue to be so as long as links continue to be used by search engines to classify web pages.

We must bear in mind that when it comes to links, quality exceeds quantity, so you have to ensure that your links are contextual and relevant. And do not forget to avoid the massive use of the same keywords, which is known as keyword stuffing, since any spam detector will locate it and penalize your page in the search engines.

Social Media and SEO – How Videos Affect SEO

YouTube continues to receive a huge number of visits per day, like Facebook, one of the social networks par excellence that already includes small videos within its platform. And it is known that the Internet user likes to watch videos. And if they have image and sound, and not just text, conversion rates multiply.

Social Media and SEO - How Videos Affect SEO

Therefore, we recommend finding ways to present your information to your audience through the video format. And trying to classify these videos on the results pages can also drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

Make it Current

By nature, Social Media is instantaneous, that is, users often share what they are doing at that moment.

This, combined with the video format, has become tremendously popular. Now, instead of programming the videos in advance, the possibility of publishing updates at the moment in video format is considered, taking advantage of the possibility of sharing it with the world. With these 10 trends, your content marketing can greatly improve, adapting to market demands and achieving greater visibility and better knowledge of your brand by users.